Practice Project I – Jacobean Crewel

Jacobean crewel practice I

Jacobean crewel practice I

Greetings! I have many interests and activities that I would like to share with others through this blog.

I hope that in some way, (eventually) I can inspire creativity, interest, or even perhaps, laughter.

At the top of my list of interests, most certainly lies embroidery. I enjoy many different types of embroidery and while I am neither an expert or an authority of any sort. I enjoy sharing my passion and enthusiasm for both the art and the craft of embroidery.

I have a tremendous interest in historical embroidery from many different cultures and time periods.

The project that is featured here, on my first blog post, is considered a ‘practice project’.

The project is done in the Jacobean Crewel style. It is a bit of practice for my upcoming “Intensive Certification Course” with RSN (Royal School of Needlework) which is based in London, England, UK. The school has always been under royal patronage. It currently exists under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As you might imagine, I am quite nervous in anticipation of the standards and requirements of the teachers/tutors. I assume them to be among the highest in the world. In my seemingly infinite wealth of pointless anxiety, this is how I imagine the teacher and her judgement of my needlework.I know that it is ridiculous,but somehow….


Back to the work. This project served as rudimentary practice in the style and involving a few of the required stitches. Some of the required stitches that will be utilized in the class are as follows:

Trellis, Long and short stitch, laid work, satin stitch, French knots, and many more which are not required for the certification project. I hope to be able to utilize as many as possible. I really enjoy trying various stitches. At this point, I do not feel that I have necessarily mastered any of them.

I will be doing another practice project prior to the start of my class. I have gone in the wrong order with this but my next practice will be a stitch sampler, utilizing many of the crewel stitches.

I’m not really happy with the way that this turned out but I am sharing it anyway. The stitching appears very sloppy in my own assessment. Once again, I should have done the stitch sampler first in the order of things.

Please feel free to comment. Thoughts, criticisms, advice, similar experiences. All are welcome.

Louise Bernadette